Our prepress experts guarantee success

You can rely on Hub-Remsen Print Group to get your project started on the right foot. We make it exceptionally easy on your end- just send us your electronic file and we'll take it from there! We make that your project gets exceptional attention, as our experts pay close attention to detail, while applying industry knowledge and superb service.

ApogeeX Prepress Makes the Difference

ApogeeX's comprehensive approach integrates key workflow tools in one application. This tool enables us to normalize incoming files into PDF Digital Masters and manage their output to a wide range of devices, including proofers and plate setters.

With an application that is more intuitive and more dynamic, we are able to deliver impeccable quality, plate after plate and proof after proof.

  • Contract Proofing (Epson Stylus Pro 9800)
  • High-Resolution Scanning
  • Mac and PC Workstations
  • Metal Plate Offset (providing the highest quality for large solids and fine halftones)
  • Conventional Prepress
  • Agfa SherpaMatic digital proofing system
    • Precision Duplex proofing
    • Fast Imposition proofing
  • Agfa ApogeeX PDF Workflow
    • More Intuitive
    • More Dynamic
    • More Control
    • Apogee Print Drive
  • Agfa Avalon Thermal Direct-to-Plate Technology